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A contact fungicide based on activated potassium bicarbonate in a wettable powder formulation. For the control of powdery mildew in; tomatoes, cucurbits, strawberries, greenhouse crops, apples, grapes, with additional black spot control in ornamentals (roses), and dollar spot control in turf.

Key Points:

  • EcoCarb® is classified as a contact fungicide and has no systemic activity. The product works by way of changing the pH on the leaf creating a more alkaline environment.
  • This mode of action disrupts cellular processes of germinating fungi, inhibiting their growth and preventing their spread.
  • EcoCarb® also damages cell walls of fungi, resulting in dehydration and death of fungal organisims, providing effective disease control.
  • EcoCarb® is compatible with IPM programmes. There are no withholding periods, or re-entry restrictions. However, it is important to observe worker protective clothing guidelines when applying any sprays.