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Celebrating 25 Years Young!

Veg-Gro Supplies Limited was founded in 1981, For Growers, By Growers. Recently, the company reached a milestone of 25 years in business. Over those years, it has experienced a positive and progressive growth while continuing to hold onto the key values of being customer focused.   

The past 25 years has seen diverse progression for growers and Veg-Gro Supplies Limited alike. In the 1970's the Auckland Vegetable Growers Society concluded that they were not getting the fairest of deals from the local merchants, so decided to import products, such as chloropicrin themselves.  This was a success, and eventually other products were added to their list.  This was the beginning of what formally became Veg-Gro Supplies Limited.

The intention of the company was to help growers by supplying cost effective, quality sources of supplies, supported with technical advice, to assist growers to achieve profitable commercial production.  25 years later, the company has expanded to five stores in key horticultural locations, whilst maintaining its loyalty to these same foundation principles.  

Horticentre Logo Small  As part of the company's growth plans, VG Horticentre has taken the bold step of rebranding to Horticentre Limited

The rebrand presents Horticentre Limited in a professional and fresh manner, fit to cater for all sectors of the industry that Horticentre is involved in.  The key to the change was to simplify the brand while maintaining the legacy of the business without limiting market perception.  

As the name implies, Horticentre Limited is a prime horticultural resource centre for New Zealand's commercial horticultural growers.  The range of products is diverse and covers all horticultural crop categories including: Top Fruit, Vegetables, Vines, Ornamentals, Berries and Turf.  The company is committed to providing world class products from reputable suppliers, all supported by Horticentre's highly experienced frontline and technical team.  

Horticentre's ongoing commitment to staff training ensures they are well versed with practical and technical knowledge of commercial growers needs. Managers and technical staff have completed approved handler's courses including the Growsafe® Advanced Course for Agrichemical Distribution.

The key to the company's success is and always will be to ensure the customer always comes first. "In an industry that is extremely competitive, our service is second to none.  We are a company built For Growers, By Growers. This core philosophy allows us to focus first-hand on issues that our customers deal with on a daily basis, to find the best solutions to assist them" says company Marketing & Product Manager, Stephen McKennie.  "This philosophy still remains strong today and focuses on delivering what's best ‘For Growers' - in relation to the economic procurement and supply of reputable and innovative product and service solutions, backed ‘By Growers' - this being our team,  who are experienced horticulturalists and technically trained, to deliver the complete package for commercial grower customers.

Prior to any changes being made, the company sought customer feedback on their products and systems.  Requests to maintain their current culture and personal service ethic were returned and, it is these factors they have ensured stand at the forefront of the changes.

Horticentre Limited works hard to ensure the New Zealand horticultural industry has access to the latest technological advancements.  "The future of our industry relies on innovation and new research discoveries.  We also require talented people to enter and stay within the industry" says Stephen. "Supporting industry growth is a high priority for Horticentre Limited.  We sponsor events such as the Young Leaders in Horticulture and other industry training programmes. We also support national conferences, seminars, field days and other events, as well as providing financial and in-kind (technical advice) for industry initiated research projects which benefit the commercial horticultural growing industry.

Currently, Horticentre Limited has branches in five strategic horticultural regions including Whangarei, Massey (West Auckland), Drury (South Auckland), Pukekohe and Tauranga. Further developments are also planned over the next 12 months in both service and product offerings.

 In 2006, to accommodate this productive growth and expansion, the company decided to make some exciting new changes including refining the name to Horticentre Limited and the acquisition of Tasman Crop Protection which are based in the South Island (Nelson, Blenheim, Motueka and Seddon).

Horticentre Limited - For Growers By Growers.