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Pest & Disease Control

Crop Chemistry, Biologicals, Growth Aids and Cleaners

This category covers an extensive range of conventional and biological; insecticides (crop & industrial), fungicides, herbicides, adjuvants (also including soil wetting agents, marker dies and foams, buffers, compability agents and drift reducers), soil additives and conditioners, fumigants, growth regulators (including root promotants), molluscicides, vertebrate repellents/controls, orchard aids, wound treatments, irrigation & surface sanitisers, cleaners and decontaminants.

Crop Protection Technology & Devices

We access a wide range of options when it comes to application equipment, to ensure that you have the right tools to optimise efficacy of crop protection and clean-up solutions. From handheld sprayers & dusters, knapsacks, mist blowers, foggers and sulphur evaporators, right through to electric pipe rail spray trolleys, and stand alone or tractor mounted tanks, pumps and spray reels.

Safety & Personal Protection

Nothing is more important than you and your employee's health & safety through personal protection when conducting business around your production operation. This sector covers solutions to your company's personal protection, health & safety and compliance needs around your property. From; breathing and skin protection, ear and eye protection, to signage, storage and spill clean-up solutions. 


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