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A botanical oil concentrate miticide/insecticide specifically for the control of
two-spotted mite, aphids, whitefly and scale in commercial tree, vine and vegetable crops, ornamentals, floriculture,  covered cropping, home gardens.

The product has three specific modes of action:

  1. Penetrates the exo-skeleton (skin) of mites and aphids. This causes death via suffocation.
  2. The protective waxy cuticle (thin protective membrane) of insects and their eggs is denatured by the oils and surfactants in  Eco-oil®.
  3. Acts as a minor insect repellant which reduces the chances of pest re-infestation.

Key Points:

  • Eco-oil® can be classified as a knock-down insecticide, no systemic activity. There is some residual activity due to its repellant effects and ovicidal action (dehydration and smothering of eggs).
  • The physical mode of action provides low potential for insect pest resistance from overuse.
  • Low burn potential with Eco-oil® as the product is based on botanical oils.
  • High safety level for user & crop. No withholding periods, or re-entry restrictions. However, it is important to observe worker protective clothing guidelines when applying any sprays.