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Penetraide™ is a highly effective long-term granular re-wetting agent. It provides effective soil / water management in turf, lawn and gardens.

What is a hydrophobic soil?

A common problem with many sandy soils and soils with organic materials or decaying vegetation is that they have the propensity to become water-repellent when they dry out. These soils are known as hydrophobic. Hydrophobic soils allow little or no water to penetrate, causing water “run-off”. Also, water is actively repelled away from the plant's root zone, depriving them of water and nutrients.

This scenario causes:

  • Poor water penetration and water storage (or water-holding capacity).
  • Water run-off
  • Dry patches
  • Patches of stressed plants / turf
  • Considerable wastage ofwater, fertilisers and plant growth potential.

How to improve water penetration?

By attracting water to hydrophobic sand and organic particles, Penetraide™ will counteract the problems caused by water-repellent soils. This will result in:

  • Improved water penetration
  • Reduced water ponding and run-off
  • Less “dry patches”
  • Improved water retention and water storage capacity
  • Improved root development and better plant ability to absorb water and nutrients.

Other benefits of Penetraide™

  • Provides up to 7 months activity, depending on application and the amount of dry-out occurring
  • Facilitates the control of algae and mould
  • Reduces nutrient loss
  • Assists with dew control
  • Easy to use micro-encapsulated granules, which resist wind drift on application.