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Greenhouse Tomatoes & Cucumbers 

(Active Ingredient: 100g/L pyriproxyfen as an emulsifiable concentrate)


Admiral® is a selective insect growth regulator for the control of whitefly on greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers.  Admiral® is from a chemistry group 'new' to New Zealand, so adds a valuable resistance management tool for growers.


General Instructions

General Information

Admiral® is a selective insect growth regulator containing the active ingredient pyriproxyfen, whose chemistry group is 'new' to New Zealand (IRAC Group 7C).  Admiral® is a juvenile hormone (JH) mimic that interferes with whitefly reproduction and development.  JH is secreted naturally in the early larval stages of insects and is responsible for maintaining larval characteristics.  Admiral® reduces whitefly numbers by artifically increasing JH levels, which prevents progression from the larval to the adult stage.  It also causes inhibition of the egg to hatch, and sterilizes adult females.  Translaminar activity through the leaf means it acts on whitefly feeding on both sides of the leaf.  Due to its mode of action, Admiral® should be regarded as a population disruptor - not a knockdown insecticide. 

Resistance Management

Admiral® is an excellent fit to the existing range of whitefly control options due to its unique 'new' mode of action.  Whitefly are renowned for their ability to become resistant to insecticides, and therefore Admiral® is not to be used more than twice in any crop per twelve month period.  Growers should rotate with insecticides from other groups (Horticentre can assist you with putting together a program for whitefly control). 

IPM Compatibility

Admiral® does not affect predatory mites, or bumblebees used for pollination.  However it is good practice to delay application to a time of day when bumblebees are not actively foraging.  Admiral® is of low toxicity to adult parasitoids such as Encarsia, and Aphidius  which are used in IPM programmes, (but is moderately harmful to juvenile Encarsia (www.biobest.be) so it may indirectly reduce parasitoid numbers by removing the host.


Apply Admiral® alone unless compatibility with the tank mix partner is known.  

Withholding Period

Tomatoes and Cucumbers……..1 day.


1 litre

Admiral® is a registered Trademark of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Japan.  Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. P7954.