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Barnel Pruning Tools

Barnel® Innovations

Special Features' of various tools within the Barnel range.

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Whether it be High Tech hand pruners, drop forged loppers, fast cutting Tiger Tooth / Tiger Claw® saws, extended Ultra Reach® clippers, specialized landscape accessories and supplies, Barnel® has Tools for All Seasons®. Their tools are respected by professionals in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, forestry, landscaping.

BARNEL® Patented Two Position Lock
When the vast majority of pruning work is on smaller diameter wood. Why squeeze repeatedly against the spring tension of a 25mm capacity pruner when 70% of the cuts are 10-12mm or less? The advantage of a second locking position led Barnel to introduce the patented two position lock. Activated at the flick of the thumb, this exciting innovation enables the user to change the pruner to a smaller cutting capacity, allowing for a narrower hand spread. The resulting relief in hand strain translates into stronger cuts, hour after hour. Individuals with smaller hands find this feature invaluable.

BARNEL® Patented Centre Oiler Bolt
This elegant, patented innovation necessitates far less frequent oiling of the shear and eliminates the need to disassemble the tool when adding oil to the hinge. How does it work? The patented bolt contains a reservoir of oil released to the hinging mechanism gradually through tiny holes near the threads as the tool is used. When empty, the bolt can be quickly refilled by gently depressing the precision spring-loaded ball bearing valve. Use any typical household, 3-in-1, sewing machine or other oil with a narrow applicator tip. Barnel B-Oil shares the excellent lubricating properties of these common lubricants, and is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and comes in the appropriate narrow tip applicator.

The ‘Deep Sap Groves' in a number of secateurs prove to be a valuable innovation in keeping the blades clear from any sap build-up that may otherwise occur with out such a design feature.

Special Features of ‘Tri-edged Saws' include

  • Precision ground tri-edged teeth, the fastest and smoothest cutting saws available. Cuts on the pull stroke
  • SK4 Japanese high carbon Samurai sword steel
  • Laser hardened saw teeth maintain razor-sharp performance
  • Hard chrome protective finish
  • Strong ABS construction with non-slip TPR positive grip
  • Folding saws have double locking system for both open and closed positions
  • "Raker" slot design cleans as it cuts and helps cool the cut on hard, dead or processed wood
  • Straight blades are taper ground for faster cuts

Snips & Scissors

Snips feature high carbon or stainless steel double ground blades, with straight or curved blade options and thermo plastic (non-slip) grip handles. Scissors feature hardened stainless steel blades with serrated blade edges and soft gelled handles. The Fruit Picker range is made from drop forged stainless steel with dip coated cushioned handles.
Download - Technical Datasheet (pdf)

Secateurs & Pruners

Secateurs feature high carbon steel or hardened high carbon sword steel blades, with drop forged aluminium handles/body. Select tools also feature the patented self oiling bolt for ease of maintenance & the patented two-position lock for reduced effort. Most tools come with thermoplastic rubber (non-slip) grip handles and two tools in this category also feature the rotating handle (B317, B318) to reduce fatigue. There are also two ratchet pruner options (B575, B888) for easy assisted cutting, with nylon fiberglass liner for a clean finish on every cut.
Download - Technical Datasheet (pdf)


Loppers feature forged BartaniumTM alloy blade steel or drop forged cutting blade and anvil, with induction hardened blade edge and deep sap grooves with the patented self oiling centre bolt. The over dimensioned curve in the blade & anvil pulls the branch into the cut. Loppers are fitted with polyurethane bumpers, which are impervious to UV light, oil & moisture. Extra strong tangs reach far into the handles to reduce breakage. The extra tough extruded aircraft aluminium handles have an anodized finish & are fitted with non-slip cushioned thermoplastic rubber grips.
Download - Technical Datasheet (pdf)

Saws, Sickles & Knives

Saws feature precision ground tri-edged teeth that are laser impulse hardened to maintain razor sharp performance. The Z14 model comes with ‘Raker' slots, which clean cuts and this helps to cool the cut on hard or processed wood. The blades are made with high carbon samurai sword steel, which is hollow ground, with a chrome protective finish - all for making a fast and smooth cut. The positive grip of these saws is aided by non-slip thermoplastic rubber handles. Folding saws have a double locking system for both open & closed positions. The Z203 model comes with a quick disconnect ‘auto clean-out' sheath with a spring steel clip. Sickles and Knives are constructed from heavy gauge high carbon or stainless steel and have serrated or non-serrated blades, with handles made from polypropylene, for ease of sterilization or thermoplastic rubber for a sure grip.
Download - Technical Datasheet (pdf)

Pole/Ultra Reach Pruners, Saws & Accessories

Ultra Reach pole pruners are of lightweight extruded aluminium, featuring a cut & hold pruner head, with an easy mount tiger tooth/tiger claw tri-edged saw. The inlaid thermoplastic rubber handle rotates 180 degrees on the pole and the alternate hand grip slides & locks any where on the pole. Pole Pruners feature 3-stage extruded aircraft alloy aluminium poles with thermoplastic rubber grip. The tri-edged laser impulse hardened SK4 Japanese samurai sword steel blades are chrome finished and have an aggressive ‘Raker' tooth design. Adaptors promote easy change out of tools & interchangeability between tools such as the by-pass pruner head (lever assist) & the precious fruit picker.
Download - Technical Datasheet (pdf)

Professional Hedge Shears

These Hedge / Landscape Shears feature high carbon steel blades and self oiling bolts, with some models having serrated sections at the base of the blades. Some models also come with hard chrome finish or deep sap grooves

The handles/body are constructed from drop forged aluminium, and are finished with thermoplastic rubber (non-slip) grip handles. This category also has two hand shear options; crop (e.g onions) and grass.
Download - Technical Datasheet (pdf)

Tool Belts & Sheaths

The Barnel Tool Belts are constructed from high quality materials of strong nylon or leather construction & versatility with options to convert from a tool shoulder bag to a wrap-around tool belt. The Sheaths, suitable for; secateurs, scissors, snips, folding saws & B-sharp, are constructed from high quality materials (Thick saddle leather; BLS914, BLS915 & BLS940 & heavy duty nylon for the BLS913) and come with a spring steel pant clip and belt loop. Also as part of this range, sheath model Z1314 (suitable for Z13 & Z14 saws), is constructed from a heavy duty plastic and comes with a belt loop. 
Download - Technical Datasheet (pdf)

Landscape Tools, Spring Buckets & Tree Carriers

The Landscape Tools, range from the Telescoping Rake with spring steel tines of adjustable width, to the Helping Hands for easy pick-up. The Spring Bucket is constructed from a tear resistant mesh supported PVC, that expands from a compressed 75mm up to 660mm in height & 560mm in diameter to offer a capacity of 162lt comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. For the Tree Carriers come in two options; both have a load capacity of up-to 250kg and they are as either a 2 or 3 - 4 person carrier, made from heavy duty plastic coated galvanized aircraft cable, with padded reinforced handle grips.
Download - Technical Datasheet (pdf)

To download the complete catalogue for 2010 please click on the link below.
Download - Barnel Catalogue 2010 (pdf)