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About Us

The Horticentre Group, formerly Veg Gro Supplies Limited, was set up by the Auckland Vegetable Growers Society in 1981. Growers in the region at that time, initially began bulk buying chloropicrin, which was soon followed by technical fertilisers, in order to maintain profitability for themselves as growers. From this very basic enterprise grew Veg-Gro Supplies Limited, set up for growers, run by growersand formed to ensure growers obtained a fair deal when purchasing their horticultural supply requirements

The Horticentre Group is committed to:

  • procurement from reputable suppliers.
  • supplying products approved for use by NZFSA.
  • conducting technical product training for all team members.
  • stringently adhering to the New Zealand Standards for the Management and Handling of Agrichemicals.
  • ongoing commitment to training ensuring team members complete Growsafe® Advanced and Agrichemical Distribution courses.
  • managers and technical teams completing Approved Handler courses.
  • a unique culture that is hard to beat!

35 years on, the company still operates from its founding principles and now boasts a team in excess of fifty delivering the best service in the industry.  The Horticentre Group now run eleven stores in key horticultural locations, with eight locations in the North Island (Horticentre and HortFertplus), three locations in the South Island (TasmanCrop) and a Merchant Reseller Division based in Christchurch.