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The revolutionary liquid shading paint for your greenhouse !

ReduHeat - is a major development and innovative step forward for customised shading.

  • Provides all the attributes of ReduSol Xtra + maximises light and reduces heat!
  • For crops requiring 60% or less shade (so higher light - without the heat)

Why ReduHeat?

  • Compared to standard shading agents, ReduHeat has a more favourable light (more PAR =photosynthetically active radiation) transmission to heat reflection ratio.
  • More P.A.R light and less heat radiation is transmitted into the greenhouse.

One application during the season is normally sufficient for the whole season.

ReduHeat can be removed in an easy and safe way with ReduClean. A few rain showers after spraying ReduClean will result in a sparkling clean greenhouse.

  • ~ 20% more light for the same shade % of other shade paints. Relates to more plant growth and production, along with better quality and colour retention.
  • ~ 20% less heat for the same light level of other shade paints. More efficient water management & utilization for the plants. Makes for a healthier stress-free crop.
  • Transmits a higher percentage & quality (diffused) of (P.A.R) plant growth light.
  • Reflects more near infrared (heat) light to keep the crop & workers cooler
  • Gives a higher red to far-red ratio of transmitted light (= a stronger crop)
  • Easily removed with ReduClean at the end of the season