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ReduSol Xtra, achieves a weather resistant uniform shade covering. The degree of shade can be achieved by using the applicable concentration to deliver optimal shading for every crop requirement. Dependent on the concentration used, one application is usually sufficient for the whole season.

ReduSol Xtra can be easily removed in a safe and easy way with ReduClean. At the end of the season, simply apply the ReduClean, and you can either hose it off, or apply just prior to rain and after a few showers, the ReduSol Xtra will be gone resulting in a sparkling clean greenhouse.

The outstanding weather resistance as well as the ease of applying and removing it make ReduSol Xtra and ReduClean technically and economically the perfect shading system

ReduSol Xtra - Provides a durable and even, white shade coating that can be easily removed using ReduClean at the end of the season.


  • Optimal shading effect is achieved simply through choose the applicable concentration
  • Creates an even coating for diffused light
  • Outstanding weather resistance
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Easily removable with ReduClean
  • Lets more light through on wet (rainy) days
  • Environmentally friendly